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    Updates not working again

      Last week McAfee Anti-viurs plus would get as far as downlaoding the updates and then I would get a message it could not update because of no internet connection, so I reinstalled and all went back to normal.


      Here though i am today having the same problem, so for sure this will be one product I will not be buying again as one thing i hate is unreiable software.

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          Peter M

          Perhaps your network connector needs a driver update or in Network there is more than one net connection showing which is confusing the software?  Just guessing here.   You could check that in Device Manager as well to make sure only one is enabled.  This isn't usual by any chance I assure you.   My updates have been happening silently for years, except when an upgrade has occurred necessitating a reboot of course.

          Technical Support is free of charge and they are best equipped to troubleshoot this sort of thing.  Available by phone or online chat through 'Useful Links' at the top of this page.


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            There is nothing wrong with my network, as for tech support all I will land up doing is reinstalling, for sure the files are downlaoding just not installing so something is amiss with the software or the update.

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              Peter M

              ..or you have software installed that is causing a failure.  That's where support would know.   If they suggest the routine you mentioned tell them you've already tried that and can they escalate the issue please?


              Because that's all I can suggest too