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    IP Addresses with Subnet Masks


      I'm working on a trial version of Web Gateway 7 with the hope of converting over from Bluecoat.  For right now I'm simply trying to duplicate Bluecoat's logic layers for the most part.  I have two issues that I'm sure are easily handled but I'm hoping I can get  some help.


      I have a list of source IP addresses that I want to explicitely allow unrestricted access without authentication.  I was trying to put a Top Level Rule Set in place before anything else is processed and link it to Client.IP.  The problem is there are some addresses that are single IPs, which Bluecoat allowed us to enter as  (masking down to that one IP).  We also have others that are that are an entire subnet, such as


      On that same token, I have a similar issue with some allowed destination IPs.  Most of them are explicit and just a single IP, but some of them are again masked similar to


      Any help would be greatly appreciated and please forgive my lack of knowledge of the product.  Like I said, I'm working on a proof of concept to pitch for a transition from another product and I haven't had a chance to even find documentation to read.