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    Mcafee on-access causing spss program lag


      I am having an issue with mcafee on-access causing spss to open VERY slowly, as in about 5 minutes to open. If I turn off the on-access, then spss opens in a couple seconds. If I have the task manager open to processes, I can watch mcafee chew up the cpu when I try to open spss. Once spss opens, if I close it and try to open again, it is fine. Opens no problem.


      Issue is, These are lab computers and multiple people log in and each person would have this log open time.


      I have moved from 8.7 enterprise to 8.8, no change. I tried changing spss versions from 19 to 21, no change. I even added and exclusion in mcafee on-access properties and it still opens slowly. I do use ePo for mcafee policies and so the exclusion is pushed to all machines.


      Is there a file for mcafee that I can edit to stop this scanning? or some other steps I can take? I really need to stop on-access from scanning for no reason.

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