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    High CPU Usage On Mac OS


      Product Version: 9.2.0

      Product Service Pack: N/A

      Scan Engine: 5400

      OS: Mac

      OS Service Pack 10.7.5

      Agent Version 4.6.0

      Currentlythe products capability has been limited due to the McAfee scan processutilising too many CPU resources to the point of causing users computers fansto kick up to maximum speed along with no responsiveness from theGUI. What we have done to elevate this is to scan only the users profileas everything else is locked down by the design of the Unix architecture in theMac OS.

      We've also disallowed viapolicy users from executing programs from within their profile (downloads,desktop and documents folder, etc) which in turn means the user will berequired to move downloaded executables to the applications folder which willprompt the user to enter an administrator credential to continue.


      We can see mutiple Vshield scanner utilizing 85-90% of cpu utilization making system unusable.


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