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    Agent 4.5 to EPO 4.6.1 Communication Ports


      Hi all,


      May I know what information is transferred under port 80 between McAfee agent 4.5 and McAfee ePO 4.6.1?


      Why are there port 80 and 443 being used for agent-to-server communication?



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          Per the MA 4.5 release notes:


          Communication security enhancements


          When used with ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5, all agent-server communications are encrypted with Transport Layer Security (TLS), the industry standard high-encryption protocol.


          Communications include the following:


          •Agent-server communication

          •Event uploading

          •Update Now actions

          •Authentication and authorization

          •Bulk data transfers


          Port 80 is used for http transfer of the above.

          Port 443 is used for ssl transfer of the above.


          The use of http or ssl is chosen globally by the ePO server setting - ports.

          The content is the same in both cases, only ssl is more secure.