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    Server Policy

      I just downloaded the saas endpoint security 30 day trial. Normally, I disable any on-demand scanners on a server and just set up and perform scheduled scans of the drives. I don't see anywhere in the custom policy that I made, a way to permanently disable this feature. Sure you can disable it on the client but it just turns back on after a reboot. Any ideas on this one?

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          Hi brettp,


          Sorry for the delay in response .. . You would be soon assisted by our SaaS experts on this board

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            Hi brettp,


            Please be informed that we will not be able to disable the On-Demand scans permanently on the McAfee SaaS Endpoint protection.


            You can only turn off the On-demand scan temporarily and that we will be re-enabled after an update or after a computer restart.



            Pritish P.