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    Problem to install Hips 7.0 in ePO4

      I'am trying to install Hips 7.0 extension in ePO 4.
      I got this error.
      Someone who knows what I have missed.

      Install Extension Name: HOSTIPS_META
      Signed by McAfee: true

      Requires: EPOCore:1.0.1,PolicyMgmt:1.0.1,ComputerMgmt:1.0.1,RepositoryMgmt:1.0.1,schedule r:1.0,CommonEvents:1.0.1

      Error: The following required dependencies are missing: EPOCore 1.0.1, PolicyMgmt 1.0.1, ComputerMgmt 1.0.1, RepositoryMgmt 1.0.1, CommonEvents 1.0.1