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    In need of Computer Wiz: Computer Virus or Another Problem?

      When I was updating my Windows 7 laptop the other day, Mcafee detected a trojan, so the updates failed and I started to scan my laptop with Mcafee.  I had 6 trojans and Mcafee got rid of them all, so I decided to try and update my laptop again, but the updates failed again with the code FFFFFFFE.  I looked on the windows forum and it says that the code means that the updates could not download because of the possiblity of malware.


      I changed the settings on Mcafee a little and instead of doing a very low sensitivity (which is what I did before), I changed it to a medium sensitivty.  My laptop kept giving me a blue screen and restarting because from what I read online, some files can crash McAfee or something .


      Another possibility was that my windows program could have been installed improperly, however, it was installed by professionals, not by me.



      What should I do?