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    looking for best white screen solution and my 2 cents



      I noticed this being posted many times but I have not yet found a solution that works.

      I figured after some time there probably is a good fix but I'm not sure where.




      my problem

      i don't use this computer much online so I've been able to ignore all of this but it would be nice to find a solution.

      McAfee isn't the only problem and it is a fairly new computer.

      It is an acer netbook with 64 bit windows 7 home premium and the McAfee trial came with it

      I am pretty sure I never actually registered it in any way.  The McAfee.


      I had a (competitor) internet security for 3 pcs so I figured I'd put it on here but I casn't uninstall McAfee

      I've even deleted every part of it using uninstaller software and the new internet security still detects it somewhere.

      I restored back to before uninstalling McAfee

      Any attempt to uninstall gives me the white screen


      Before this I also realized windows media player is no longer working.


      I also noticed no flash and maybe java script will work or install into internet explorer.


      Maybe this is related.




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          Peter M

          First of all the software is only compatible with Windows 7 SP1 so make sure Windows is up to date, including IE9, which although you may use another browser is important because many processes still use IE, McAfee included.


          I'm surprised that the software wont install because it detects an older version of itself - normally it would uninstall it.


          Did you try to run the MCPR cleanup tool, listed under Useful Links at the top of this page.  If not try it.


          The other possibility would that you need to remove the uninstall string  from the registry so try this:


          Go to Start/Run and enter regedit hit the Enter key.



          Look carefully for mcafee keys and delete any.  Be careful not to delete anything else.


          Technical Support can also be of help and it's a free phone call or online chat, also linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Good luck ;-)







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            Another thing which might mean more to somebody else

            because I notice IE being related


            If I open "About Internet Explorer"


            Cipher Strength:

            Product ID:

            all have nothing after them

            When I click OK at the bottom nothing happens when normally I think it would close the window

            I have to click the red X


            It is IE 9 and then, I have 2 of them

            one for 32bit and another for 64 bit

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              Peter M

              On those non-working components of Windows and browser add-ons etc.   Do you have the installation DVD or a recovery partition?    It may be necessary to repir the operating system, but we'll worry about that later.  The browser add-ons should be uninstalled via Control Panel and then go to Adobe and Java to download new Flash/Shockwave and Java.

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                I'll try some of those

                It is SP1

                I know I tried the MCPR tool

                I ran into some kind of confliction,.. I honestly forget so I will try it again.

                I actually tried 2 different internet security.

                One would not install until I unintsall

                The other attempted to uninstall on its own but the white screen shows up, so it never actually proceeds.



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                  Peter M

                  Make sure none of the IE's say 'Beta" in the About Window...I know it's mostly blank.   The blank windows have so many reasons for why they are the way they are they're beyond me I'm afraid as it means something system-wise is corrupted.   If you can get online at all using that machine you should link up with Technical Support I think and have them troubleshoot this.

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                    White screen comming up on mcafee.

                    Here's what i did, I use google chrome as my browser, but mcafee always uses internet explorer. You need to go to your control panel and select programs, then select veiw installed updates. Scroll down until you see internet explorer 9 and right click to uninstall it. Restart your computer and if you want re-install internet explorer. I did't need to do this because i don't use the browser, but after i uninstalled internet explorer 9 my mcafee works fine. NO MORE WHITE SCREEN.

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                      Thanks for the tips


                      It is just some bizarre issue.

                      Obviously the McAfee white screen is not unique but other things are off too.

                      Definitely internet explorer is messed up.

                      Also windows media player

                      and for whatever reason, McAfee


                      I generally would like figuring things like this out but i am clueless


                      If I find something that works i will repost it, I'll test out some things

                      But likely I think I am going to save a few things and reinstall the entire system

                      The only reason I did not was because i installed something at work I might not be able to install again.

                      At this point I'd rather just get everything running normally before I use this too much more.


                      I do use chrome for a browser and video lan for media

                      but the fact these things are not working is annoying

                      also I have no internet security and no way to install any

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                        Peter M

                        Make sure Windows...all of it...is up to date and any browser add-ons, especially IE ones, such as Java, Flash and Shockwave etc. Even though you don't use IE lots of things do including McAfee.


                        Using Registry Cleaners/Optimizers is one big reason for this sort of thing happening, have you used any?

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