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    Corrupted Windows

      Last week, as I was paying my overdue internet bill over the phone, I lost my Internet connection. I thought maybe I'd been disconnected, due to being late.

      I called Cox, back and they said everything was fine on their end. My modem is fine.

      So, I called Acer tech support, and after testing with them, they said it appears my Windows had been corrupted, by a new virus that attacks via the built in wireless device.

      They made it sound like there was some hope, that it could easliy be repaired

      Well, I took my desktop to my techie friend, who knows his stuff, and he was not even able to get anything started, in order to see what the real issue is

      He said I should take it to Best Buy, or such.  I cannot afford to do that!

      And, I'm wondering what good it's doing me, to pay for the extra protection from McAfee?????

      The PC isn't even paid for yet!!!!!!!!!!

      BUT, that's NOT my point. My point is what else can I do?????

      Anyone else having this issue?



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