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    Excel shared workbook and saving to network issue


      Hi all,


      One of our departments is experiencing an issue with saving Excel documents on our network.  Funny thing though, the issue has a very specific circumstance that causes this issue.


      The problem occurs with the combination below:

      1.  Excel .xlsx format only (.xls files are fine, excel 2007 32-bit or 2010 32-bit results in the same issue)

      2.  Windows 7 x64 OS only (XP x86 is fine)

      3.  Mapped drive letter only (UNC path is fine, local drive fine, direct attached usb external storage is fine)

      4.  The kicker - Excel feature "share workbook" is enabled. *see image


      Disabling DLP resolves the issue.


      Can anyone suggest a setting that we can implement that might help us?

      (McAfee DLP v9.2.0.522)