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    Mcafee Full & Scheduled Scan Freezes Computer ?



      I first noticed this when Mcafee performed a scheduled scan. It got to a certain point then my laptop just froze completely and I was forced to shut down my laptop manually. I tried a full scan the and same thing happens. Running a quick scan works fine. This only happened recently. I have attached screenshots to show you what was on screen everytime it froze.


      What's the problem ?



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          It's locking up on something in C:\Program Files - the file count and filename displayed in each case is misleading, I've seen this sort of thing before.


          Narrow it down by iterative scanning. Start with a scan of Program Files and then see how far down the directory/folder structure it gets. Do another scan of that sub-folder, repeat as necessary as you go down the directory tree. You may find it's sticking on a compressed file - a zip, rar, or cab file. This behaviour has been noted before.

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            Ok, I will try doing that, just annoying as each time I have to restart my pc, but I really need to get this fixed. I think it may be that Messenger file as it came up twice. Any idea what it is ? Weird I never had this problem before.

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              Hi RPH,


              Hayton is right. The number of files scanned, and the name is not exact. (It can not be, as a lot of files are scanned more or less simultaneously.)


              The way i mostly find out what a McAfee scan is doing (when is seems to hang) is:


              If you are running windows 7 (or vista), start up the Task Manager, go to Performance, and click on the [Resource Monitor] button.

              (This will launch the 'Resource Monitor' program.)

              After this go to the Disk-Tab.

              Here check on the 'Processes with Disk Activity'-Tab the mcshield.exe program.

              The files scanned by McAfee will now be shown under the tab 'Disk Activity'...


              You could also use some of the sysinternals tools like ProcExp/ProcMon.


              And have a look at the nonpaged memory pool size (also in the taskmanager under Performance).

              Is it very high? The scans are very very slow if the memory is filled up with nonpagable-pages...

              For more info you can see my threat: https://community.mcafee.com/thread/49170?tstart=0

              Good luck!

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                Hi guys,


                I follwed Hayton's advice and have already found the source of the problem.


                It's in C:\Program Files\Acer\Empowering Technology\eDataSecurity\tutorial named "WebMail_Att_Dec" Date modified is 2007/12/04. As soon as I right click this file my laptop freezes. I have no clue what this file does and why all of a sudden it's causing problems ?


                What can we do to resolve this ?



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                  That whole folder may give you problems. For instance, have you got any JPGENX files there?


                  The JPGENX file type is primarily associated with 'egis' by HiTRUST Inc.. Acer computer users know this program as Acer eDataSecurity. Egis allows users to encrypt both files and folders for data security.


                  That was the first reference I found.


                  The Acer Empowering Technology is a composite tool consisting of the following programs which are specific to the models of Laptops and Desktops:


                  ... Web mail Security, Provides on- the- fly text and attachment encryption of web mail messages



                  "Egis" is EgisTec - http://www.egistec.com/en/products/protectionsuite.aspx


                  At a guess one or more files in that folder has/have been encrypted and the McAfee scan is grinding to a halt trying to process the encrypted contents.

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                    Hi Hayton,


                    It is only that 1 speciifc file, all others scan perfectly.


                    This problem only started recently, and I did not encypt/decrypt anything, what should I do to resolve it ?



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                      The name suggests it's only a product tutorial so you may as well save it (and any other tutorial files) to offline storage. Stick it on a flash drive in case you need it later. How big is the file, anyway, and what does Explorer say it's file format is? We know that the scan slows down when it's dealing with compressed files and very large files. The techs might be interested in seeing what's so special about this one that it locks everything up.

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                        It's 322Kb, extension .swf (shockwave flash object). Here's a screenshot of the folder :

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                          Interesting. As an experiment, try removing that entire folder to offline storage. I would say that there's still a possibility of a lockup on a different file, but that would remove what seems to be the chief culprit.


                          Then check what version(s) of Flash you've got installed by going to



                          The latest Flash update was on October 8th. I keep an eye on Brian Krebs' site to get details of these updates - see

                          http://krebsonsecurity.com/2012/10/critical-adobe-flash-player-update-nixes-25-f laws/


                          It's not impossible that McAfee is tripping up while analysing a swf file created in 2007. Flash has undergone many changes since then. An alternative explanation may be that the file is corrupted in some way. I can't see why any malware would target that file specifically unless you've had it open recently while using an out of date version of Flash.


                          If you're interested there's an explanation of the swf file format at


                          which mentions that the swf format allows elements of a swf file to be both compressed and packed, which might slow down (but should not stop) an antivirus scan :


                          Note that although the individual components of a SWF file are compressed, there is no overall compression applied to the .swf file. This makes it possible for a player to process the file structure directly out of RAM without decompressing it. Various elements of the file such as bitmaps, shapes and sounds can be decompressed as they are needed.

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