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    EndPoint Encryption Taking Longer on Desktops than on Laptops

      Hi,  We are rolling out encryption to all PC's in our enterprise, laptops and desktops.  We are finding that it is taking much longer to complete the initial encryption on desktops than on laptops even when the size of the drive is equal or similar.   For example it is taking about 6 to 8 hours to complete the initial encryption on our laptops and it is taking up to 20 hours to complete a desktop.   The drives are generally between 150 to 300 GBs on the laptops and desktop.  We knew it would take around 8 hours for the laptops but would not expect it to take 4x or so longer for desktops.    Both the laptops and desktops are newly imaged with Win 7, 64 bit.

      Does anyone know why it is taking so much longer to complete the intial encryption on desktops compared to laptops?