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    ePo (4.5) data access from external program

      Hello all,


      I am VERY new to ePo and have been asked to develop a "Dashboard" that contains ePo as a part of the overall system (there will be a minimum of 4 other applications reporting to the dashboard).


      If there is already another thread on this, please point me in the right direction.


      Here is what I am looking for. 


      A)  If the users develop their queries in ePo Orchestrator, are those saved as "Stored Procedures" in the DB where they can be run at regular intervals?  (I don't have the knowledge of the ePo DB schema to do this on my own.)  If they are not stored as SP, is there a way to access a query that was generated in Orchestrator?


      B) User configuration to execute the Stored Procedures or Stored queries.


      C) Any additional advice on using the ePo database from an external app.


      Thanks in advance.