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      Hi Techie:


      Before Malwarebytes was downloaded, Mcafee's anti virus and firewall was disabled.  When I went to enable the antivius and firewall they were all ready turned on.  Is it enabled automatically

      or is that a virus doing that? 


      Thank you


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          You mean, you disabled McAfee before downloading Malwarebytes? And after the download McAfee had turned itself back on?


          I don't know of any virus that would do that. Not even a very polite one. But the McAfee program might have noticed, and done it all by itself.

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            You do not need to disable Mcafee to install Malwarebytes. Just uninstall Malwarebytes if you are installing Mcafee and reinstall after and ensure you do not install the paid MWB version as its real time scanner will clash with Mcafee.

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              Yes, I did disable Mcafee.  I'm glad it wasn't a virus.


              Thanks for your response.


              Good nite