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    Real-Time Scanning in Security Center Hangs Browser during AJAX Request

      We are the developer of a web based document management application called www.dynafile.com.  We have a client that contacted us that when they accessed our application, that their browser would constantly hang for up to a minute before it displayed in their browser.  After some time working with one user of this client, we determined that the cause of the browser hanging was that the McAfee SecurityCenter had the “Real-Time Scanning” option enabled, and specifically, the option to check “Scripts in Internet Explorer and Firefox” enabled. When we disabled this option, the browser was again responsive during any subsequent request. 


      From a technical perspective, our application will render the site and then in the background, use a JavaScript XMLHttpRequest (XHR) to retrieve some additional data from the application and render it dynamically (basic AJAX functionality that returns an XML document).  The request and response are very quick (about 1 second) and the data itself is fairly small (500kb) even though it might contain hundreds of records.  The problem is that McAfee was trying to parse all this data in real-time and was causing the browser to hang.


      My questions are as follows:

      1. Is this expected behavior from McAfee SecurityCenter?  It seems strange that McAfee is forcibly blocking Internet Explorer (v.9) from completing its processing and rendering of the received data.
      2. Is there any way to selectively turn this feature of on a site by site basis?  We could not find any options within McAfee to do this and we even added the URL for our application to IE’s list of Trusted Sites, but it didn't have any effect.  The only option to remedy this issue was to completely turn off this feature.


      In today’s world, where AJAX requests can be found in almost any commercial web application, it’s a shame that McAfee is blocking this type of dynamic request until it processes it and that it take so long for the processing to occur.  Any feedback is appreciated.



      Brian McCleary