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    MVM 7.5 - TransformerX.exe

      Hello All,


      I tried upgrading my MVM 7.0 Dual server test environment ( on windows server 2008 R2 SP1 and SQL server 2008 SP2) to MVM 7.5 and found that On initial login to console I get API related error related to login and then after that I restarted all services on FCM. Post that it allowed me to login to console but things were Damn slow.


      I then logged in to server containing DB and found that even I was not able to login to SQL management studio due to time out error. After checking the windows task manager, I see that CPU usage is 100% and is fluctuating and the process that's consuming most of that is TransformerX.exe*32. I believe this is a Foundstone process as it goes to a installer at the location - C:\Windows\Temp\FoundScanDBTemp\SCAP_1089_m1787_20120928_0141\WinContent-1089


      Could someone please tell me if this is expected or do we need to do some settings to avoid this?



      Amar Deep