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    SAE 3.5 Patch1 checked into ePO, but won't deploy to clients


      So I previously have been able to deploy 3.5 Enterprise to my client computers, but for some reason 3.5 patch 1 is fighting me.


      Initially I tried to update the users' systems but the deployment would get in a weird install loop where it would update to, then it would revert back to and prompt to reboot. So I set a task to remove to run immediately and that version was removed from all systems. Then I set up a new task to deploy and set it to run at logon. At logon, SAE is either not installed, or shows up in the list of available tools for the toolbar, but nothing appears to be enabled, no ratings, etc.


      BUT, I can install it manually.


      Any ideas what is stumbling the deployment?


      ePO 4.6, agent 4.6, VSE 8.8, Server 2003r2 32bit, and Windows 7 64bit


      Thanks in advance