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    ePO Covered Subnets Issue



      I current have ePO 4.6 with agent install on a guest Window 2008 server Hpyer-V vm and host HP Proliant with multiple nics. When I open console, I get "Covered Subnets: 0%". I view the installed agents, and they are listed and actively communicating. Still, I do not see any change in status.


      What could be the problem?

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          Forgive the question, but do you have any Rogue System Detection sensors deployed in your network? If not, then this is to be expected.


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            No. Not yet. This is a new install and have only installed ePO and the agent from the installation folder. I thought once the agent has been installed then you should receive a covered subnet?

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              Okay. I have both the agent handler and the rogue system detection sensor installed on the same server, and still there is not a change in status covered covered subnets. As I look at the last communication information for the installed agents, the server and agent are communicating.

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                Sounds good - but when you say "agent handler" do you mean that you've installed a remote agent handler as well? If so then I'd advise against it - if this is a new install of ePO then it's unlikely that you'll need another agent handler.

                The RSD sensor needs to communicate back to ePO that it's installed and active, so it's normal for the list of covered subnets to stay the same for a while. If you haven't already done so please have a look at the Detecting Rogue Systems section of the product guide - it describes the various policy settings that govern how often the sensor(s) communicate, amongst other things.


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                  The agent handler is the agent install folder located at the root of the ePO installation folder, and it was installed in the same local subnet as the ePO package.

                  I have added the correct subnet (xxx.xxx.xxx.0). What am I missing?


                  1. install ePO

                  2. add agent handler ( I have two handlers (epo itself and additional ) appearing in handler list with active communication)

                  3. ensured the proper subnet was entered for monitoring


                  At this point I should at least have a covered subnet, correct?

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                    I still have not gotten anywhere with this one and it was a straight forward install. I look at the server log and there is lots of communication with other devices on the network but domain list "Uncovered".

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                      Let's approach this from a different angle - exactly what are you trying to achieve? If you're not intending to use RSD, then you can safely ignore the the whole Detected Systems section as it's not relevant.

                      I would also strongly suggest you remove the agent handler - unless I'm misunderstanding your environment it's unnecessary and can cause more problems than it's worth...


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