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    Artemis!B6D8E6D0384A false positive


      Hello Vinoo and Showvik,


      I have been following your Artemis False Positive discussions with great interest. We are now having a similar issue here; I have run GetSusp on my PC (Win7 sp1 x64)  to generate:


      Submission through GetSusp (Reference WorkItemID: 710223)


      ...however this submission did not result in the capture of the file I desired to be captured, the Lucent (Avaya) Voice Player 32-bit version (lvp32.exe) which is getting detected by both VSE and (patch 1 & 2, respectively) VirusScan clients under Very High heuristic settings on our users systems. Below is a test scan from my system (no clean or delete actions specified) but it is getting deleted from users' systems.


      Do you have any ideas how I can submit this or get it whitelisted? Would an MD5 hash value help? Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated...


      Thank you!