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    Hijacked License

      So I have been very frustrated recently with McAfee support.  I have paid for three licenses and only used two for a while.  A month or so ago, I went to use my third license only to find that it is already in use.  I noticed that if I refresh my "My Account" page that the computer that the third license is installed on keeps changing.  So obviously it is being spoofed. 


      So I call support and talk to someone.  I explain what is going on an I was told to do a few things and I did them.  Once again when I go to the "My Account" page the third license is still hijacked. So here is what I did:


      1. Removed the compromised machine from any type of connectivity.

      2. On a different computer, I created a new email address and linked it to my McAfee account. 

      3. Called support and had them deactivate the third license.

      4. I installed a new hard drive in my compromised machine, installed my OS fresh and completly updated it. 

      5. Installed a fresh McAfee package and updated it.

      6. Validated the new McAfee install which linked it to my account as the third license.



      Even after that when I checked my "My Account" page the third license is not linked to my new install. 


      When I call support they dont quite understand that the third license has been hijacked. 


      I posted in this forum as oppossed to the customer support forums because I would like to get some feedback from the awareness side of the house to see if there may be something else I can do

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          It is a cosmetic glitch and those phantom people are not using your licences nor can they actually see your account and will disappear with an update that should appear soon.  It happened to me and as soon as I got SecurityCenter 11.6.435 the phantom machine disappeared from my account.   The update is on its way to the US servers this week.


          Support can't do anything as it's all depending on the software version on your machine.