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    Allow SMTP outbound

      I have not worked with Sidewinder before and my firewall skills are limited but there was no mail services or rules setup on the firewall and trying to send email out and setup local client application to check mail outside the firewall. 

      I did the same services for IMAP and POP3 by adding the service to a new rule.  The rules are towards the top above the disable all rule.


      I added the SMTP rule:


           • Action: Allow

           • Service: smtp (mail proxy)

           • Audit: Standard


           • Time period <any>



           • Burb: internal

           • Endpoint <any>

           • NAT: localhost (host)



           • Burb: exteranl

           • Endpoint: <any>

           • Redirect: <none>

           • Redirect Port: empty


      Trusted source: Not checked



           • Application Defense: Default Group.  level none

           • IPS Signature group:  none


      Authenticator:  none


      I can telnet to an outside mail servers with ehlo commands on port 25 and when configuring IMAP client app tries to connect via IMAP and fails.


      There has to be some setting I need to change that I'm not finding.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.