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    OMG This McAfee Total Protection is driving me nuts!!

      My new laptop came with McAfee protection already on it for 30 days. When it expired I purchased Total Protection for £32. Since installation, I cannot type more than 30 strokes without the desktop going bright and this stops me typing so I have to click the cursor back onto the point where it stopped to enable me to continue typing. This is driving me insane, even typing this is so annoying. I can see about half inch of my blue desktop at the top of the screen and it just all of a sudden goes bright blue and stops me typing. Also when I try to click on the McAfee icon on my desktop it just brings up an empty white box. None of this happened before I installed the new software. I have SP1. Somebody did try to help me but asked me loads of technical questions which I didn't know the answer to and then said it must be a fault with the laptop but it was fine before I installed this. Can I uninstall and reinstall and how do I do it?

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          Hi tentlips60,


               I see you were being helped by Moderator Peter in another post you made about this issue (see the link below).  Peter suggested you contact McAfee Technical Support in his last reply to you.  Did you contact Support?


          Also, it is best to remain with your original post about this issue until it is resolved, rather than creating another one.  When a poster does not post back to their topic, it gives the impression that your problem has been resolved.





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            This is a known issue and i'd like you to do the following steps and try to resolve the problem:

              Don't reinstall ! This is the last step which is performed if nothing works!


            1. Click on your Start Menu, in the search field type CMD, a black window will open up.


            type inside java -version and provide the feedback here. (If Java version is not starting with 7, go to Java.com and install latest Java available.)


            In CMD window type regsvr32 jscript.dll and Enter


            In CMD window type regsvr32 vbscript.dll and Enter


            2. Go to Start Menu->Control Panel->Programs->Uninstall Program.


            on the left side of the screen go to Installed Windows Updates.

            -scroll down until you find Internet Explorer 9 and deinstall it.


            3. Go to Start Menu and in the search field type inetcpl.cpl and Enter

            -in the window that opens up under General Tab, click on Delete temporary files, cookies, history, etc.

            wait untill all that is cleared out.


            4.Go to Start Menu and in the search field type %temp% and Enter

            - delete EVERYTHING in the folder that opens up.


            5.Reboot the PC.


            6. If the problem persists, go to http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/downloads/ie-9/worldwide-la nguages

            -download the version for your OS and install it again. Reboot again.



            Please provide us with feedback.






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              Yes I did try to contact support via the virtual chat thing but the advisor didn't know how to solve my problem and was going to transfer me to a technician but it didn't happen. I was holding on for ages but a technician never appeared. I'm getting really fed up now. I know I'm completely computer illiterate but its just common sense that it must be the new McAfee Total Protection that I have installed that's causing the problem as none of this was happening before. I've totally wasted my money.....rubbish software and no technical help!!  Also you told me not to uninstall it but in your answer you gave me details of how to do just that. Do I follow these instructions or not? Sorry to sound harsh but I've saved up for ages to buy this new laptop and now it's not performing as it was because of this.


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