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    EEPC SSO logging into wrong Domain


      I have a machine that is a member of Domain A which is in Forest A. There is also another domain Domain B that is a member of Forest A. this machine has EEPC 6.2 installed on it and had been working fine until it ran out of battery and died while connected to a wireless network belonging to Domain B. After the machine was plugged in and restarted while on a network associated with Domain A the SSO logged the user into Domain B when it should have logged the user into Domain A. This user had never logged into Domain B on this machine. We logged off Domain B and logged into Domain A and deleted the users profile for Domain B and restarted. After restarting and logging into EEPC the user was still logged into Domain B and the users profile was recreated. I have looked in the registry and cannot find the reference the users Domain B login. By default if we want to log into Domain B from a machine joined to Domain A we have to use Domain B\username and I cannot find this entry in the registry. Does anyone have an ides what to change to restore this user back to logging into Domain A be default with SSO?