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    Remote McAfee Support


      The organization would like to enable/disable McAfee Support Access (public port 20022 access) as needed.



      I see that I could stop the service from the web GUI, but that seems slighly risky because if the web GUI was failing, how would I re-enable the support access?



      Is there a way to enable/disable this access from the CLI?




      Does McAfee have any other customer-controlled method of remote access?  For instance, GoToAssist or WebEx, using the customer's telnet/putty session to access the back-end interface?






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          Hello Robert,


          I am user of Ironmail system and can give you this information for commands on the CLI



          [McAfee]: show system support

          Support access is enabled.

          Support access listen port has set to {port:20022}.


          [McAfee]: edit support

          *** Invalid command: Usage - edit support [enable|disable] ***



          In our installtion we have the support access enabled on the box all time and have a firewall in front of it where we enable the connection only when having a support case with McAfee Support.


          The firewall rule allows the host to connect our Ironmail systems on TCP20022.


          See KB72780: https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB72780&cat=CORP_IRONMAIL_ CENTRAL_MANAGEMENT_CONSOLE&actp=LIST


          The second question should be answered by McAfee staff...


          Best regards.