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    Mcshield usage CPU 100%



      I have a problem with some computers (VirusScan 8.8) managed by EPO 4.6.
      When I run a full scan, the process McShield uses 99% CPU.

      Other problems, Options in epo console, the scan is supposed to stop 1:45 after launch. Mchsield can continue to use 99% CPU.

      We must stop the machine to return to normal activity.

      I try to reinstall agent and antivirus and delete log files, the problem persists.

      I defined the keys registry LowerWorkingThreadPriority and dwMaxThreadsLow.
      In Task Manager, the service scan64 has a low priority but McShield still uses 99% of CPU.

      Operating systems are Seven Professional 64bit.


      DO you have any Ideas?


      THanks you.