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    Update dat file only during weekend


      I´m trying to thing on a way where I can update the DAT from some computers only during the weekend. Let´s say I want them to update on Sunday morning. The remaining computers will still updating on a daily basis. How can achieve this? Disabling agent to server communication of those computers and at the same time creating a task to wake up agents from those computers? would that be OK or enough?


      Any idea or direction would be appreciated.


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          Why not just schedule a daily update task for them run setting it only to start on the weekend days ?

          You can configure to that level easily in the task setup.


          There's no need to be disabling agent-server comms which in itself wil not cause an update to occur.

          Just give them a suitable task and make sure that other update tasks are not applied to these machines.

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            Thanks rackroyd,


            I thought when the "agent to server communication" triggers the communication between the client and the server ( by default every 60 min ) it sees a newer DAT fille and it start the installation of it. So what´s exactly what triggers the update if it´s not this communication? By knowing this I guess I´d be able to create the task you mention it.

            I can see there is something I´m missing becuase your answer sound obvius but I can´t see it.

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              The communication is just a conduit for many things. It does not intrinsically make an update happen for example - that would come from a task transmitted via the communication from the ePO server.

              Basically when you set up a task on the ePO server console, this task does not normally propagate to the local client until next agent-server communication happens.

              After that the local machine keeps a cached copy of the task and launches it based on its own internal scheduler.


              The purpose of the communication is to synch up tasks and policies with the values you set in the ePO console, but it is the local machine which actually applies those changes.

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                I understand the task is send to the client and then then client witll run it when it´s schleduled. But I still can´t see what is the task I have to set so the client will update de DAT. And more important, how to avoid to no update it during the week. As I thought it was triggered by the agent to server communication.


                Sorry about comming back to this as I know the effort you are putting on this so I can understand it.


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                  I'm not sure how better to describe it, sorry.

                  The basic steps would be:


                  1. Make an update task in the task catalog.

                  (menu-policy-client task catalog)

                  (New Task - Product Update)


                  2.  From the system tree select the group the task will be assigned to.

                  (System tree  - Assigned Client Tasks)


                  3. Under Actions, select New Client Task Assignement.


                  4. Under task to schedule select McAfee Agent - Product Update - <task object you made in step (1)>


                  5. Click <next> to set the schedule, for you choose weekly & select Saturday and Sunday as the run days.


                  6. Save it. Task will be sent to the client of the group selected in (2) on the next agent-server comms and will run at the scheduled time.

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                    Thanks for the explanation rackroyd. I can see this is for ePO 4.6, the console version we are migrating to. That´s the reason for my question, I wanted to plan in advance how to do it. Maybe it doesn´t work on the same way in ePO 4.5 ( our actual one) and that´s why I could find the way to do it? Because in ePO 4.5 we don´t have this task but the clients still update the dat after the communication is triggered.

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                      The task catalog part is new for ePO 4.6, yes.


                      The detail is in the ePO 4.6 Product guide, chapter 16 - 'Using Tasks to Manage Products and Systems'






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                        Thanks for the time expend to resolve my question.

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                          Use Tags.

                          Tags the machines you want to just update on the weekend.

                          For your existing Update task,  Add the tag to the excluded list, so the task will not run on machines with the tag


                          Then create a new update task.  Configure it to run weekly on just the days you want.  Then add the tag to the list of run with this tag.


                          Tags are very useful and flexible.