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    Two issues


      Issue 1. I had trouble with my Dell printer I contacted Dell and by remote they went straight to my mcAffee Fire wall and started adjusting several settings. They went so fast I don't quite know which ones they were I do know it had something to do with Java. I am concerned because it was the firewall after all.


      Issue 2.The second issue I don't know if the two issues are related is I had an error message that read "McAffee Security Center Instrumentation stopped working .


      Thank you.



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          Hi Jerry,


               Until some of our more knowledgeable forum members and Moderators can review your post, may I ask if you have run the McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT) tool yet to see if it finds and corrects any problems?  Please post back with any results.  The MVT can be accessed by clicking on the <Useful Links> button at the top of the page here, then click on Technical Support on the drop-down menu presented.




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            I just ran the McAffee virtual Technition and the results were that there were no problems. I should have included the following information. My operating system is Windows Vista HomePremium and a 32 bit processor and my browser being IE9.



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              Thanks very much for posting back Jerry.


                   While we're waiting for input from some others here, I'd like to clarify how things stand at the moment with regard to the two issues you presented:


              Issue # 1:  Is your printer working o.k. now?


              Issue # 2: Are you still receiving that message about the McAfee Security Center Instrumentation not functioning?


              Also, could you please include what version & update of JAVA you presently have, and is it enalbed?


              Best regards,


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                Issue 1.  The printer is working fine.


                Issue 2.  I haven't received message about the McAffee Security Center Instrumentation not functioning.


                ava Version 7 Update 7 (built 1.7.0_07-b11).



                How do you tell if it is enabled?



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                  Hi Jerry and thanks for posting back the info!


                       The following information was copied from Oracle's website & should help you determine if your Java is enabled.



                  To see whether your browser is configured to use Java or not, first open Windows Control Panel. From the Start menu button, select Settings, then Control Panel to open the Java Control Panel, click on the Java Coffee Cup logo icon in the Control Panel.

                  For Java version 6.0 and above:

                  1. Double-click the icon to open Java Control Panel.
                  2. In Java Control Panel, click the Advanced tab.
                  3. Click on + icon next to Default Java for browsers.
                  4. Make sure the box next to Internet Explorer or Mozilla is checked.
                  5. If it is not checked, click the checkbox to enable Java for your Web browser.
                  6. Click Apply.

                  Note: If you do not see the coffee cup icon in the Windows Control Panel, you do not have Java installed on your computer.

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                    As per your instructions I found that it was installed.





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                      Thanks for posting back with the info, Jerry.


                           At this point, I would give it another 24 hours to see if some of our other members and Moderators drop by and offer additional input regarding the issues you mentioned.  If you begin experiencing any other unusual events or a recurrence of the two problems you originally posted about, then post back again.  I don't know of anything more I can do since it appears that your system is functioning o.k at the moment.


                      Have a good one!

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                        Thank you for all your help and patience. Keep up the good work. I wish I had the confidence to this job. You are doing a great job.




                        I am just wondering if EX_BRIT is still around. He used to help me alot.





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                          Hi Halton,


                               I am really not sure what your concern is, I read the complete thread and I found you have mentioned your printer is working fine and also MVT found no issues with McAfee. If you are concerned about what dell had made changes in firewall to make work your printer work.. my guess would be they must have added Printer IP address to McAfee Firewall settings.


                          Please reply if I miss understood your concern .




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