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    Quota.Coaching.IsActivationRequest.Strict - how is it used?

      For starters, I'm working on a custom welcome page that collects some additional user data...the collected info gets stored off to User Persistant Data Storage for later use.


      I have a company-specific Template Collection and Template defined with a button that sends a Coaching activation request (using the provided function in sw.js).


      When I use the Quota.Coaching.IsActivationRequest property to look for the activation request, everything is happy...but I would *prefer* to look for a specific Coaching activation, as I could see using multiple coaching options later.


      In my Criteria for "Quota.Coaching.IsActivationRequest.Strict", I have selected my "Guest Welcome Page" Coaching settings.  However, I haven't found any way to specify a Coaching Session in the block page template - for instance, there are no associated Settings/Properties with the Quota.Caching.JS.ActivateSession property that I'm using in my template.


      Is there some way to use this feature, or is this something that has been added recently but not fully implemented yet?