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    automatic updates and right-click scan not working

      recently my internet cable provider shaw, switched to mcafee from f-secure as the antivirus program offered to their users. so as of thursday, october 11, 2012, i have been running mcafee internet security 11.0 with automatic updates turned on, but the updates don't seem to be working properly. i can manually check for updates and it will give me the time of when that was done, for example 11:40 am, and then it will say when the next update will occur, for example 4:20 pm. but when 4:20 pm comes around, the updates do not happen and the time keeps getting pushed ahead by 10 minutes, with no updates ever occurring.


      my second problem is when i want to manually scan a folder or file by right-clicking on it and choosing scan, mcafee goes into quick scan mode and scans the windows system32 folder et al., without ever scanning the folder or file i wanted it to.


      i do have a  third issue with mcafee, and that's the amount of time it takes to do a complete virus scan. whereas previously a scan of about 200,000 files took less then 2 hours, with mcafee it takes close to 8 hours to scan the same amount. why so slow?


      i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling mcafee in the hopes of rectifying these problems, but to no avail.


      *i should also note that on one reinstall the program updated to 11.6 but it did not resolve the issues. after subsequent reinstalls it has remained at 11.0.


      please help

      thank you.

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          Peter M

          Those times showing in the interface are merely indicating when the software will next poill for updates.  There may be none available so nothing will happen.   Updates occur silently anyway apart from a little activity on the icon by the system clock.

          If SecurityCenter is green and protecting you are fine.


          The right-click scan issue seems to only hit certain people as we Mods haven't been able to reproduce it.   So in that case I would open a case with Technical Support linked via the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          It's free via phone or online chat.


          If the other issue bothers you, bring that one up too.


          The only thing I can think of is a) did you use whatever removal tool F-Secure has to make sure all remnants of their software was removed and b) when reinstalling McAfee did you also run the MCPR removal tool after uninstalling and then reboot before reinstalling?  (Also linked under Useful Links at the top ofr this page).

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            thank you for your response. i uninstalled and then used the mcpr tool. the issue with automatic updates seems to be resolved. however, after mcafee was reinstalled i received the popup message to restart my computer in order to allow the update to version 11.6 from 11.0, but then the new program did not install after the restart. i'm hoping a subsequent update will take care of that at some point.


            as far as the right-click problem and the slow scan time goes, i suppose i can live with that should the technical support over the phone prove to be unsuccessful at remedying the matter . it's just perplexing and an irritant when things don't work the way they're supposed to, you know? especially when what i was using before worked fine and trouble free.


            thanks again for your advice. much appreciated


            p.s. i see you're from toronto...how 'bout those argos?

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              Peter M

              Strange that update should have occurred.   It's still 11.0?   Maybe it will happen soon then.


              I know support were collecting examples of this right-click scan issue, that's the reason I suggested that route.


              Try running the Virtual Technician to see if that will fix anything:  htttp://mvt.mcafee.com/


              Not a huge football fan but yes the Argos are doing well from what I hear.