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      mcafee.JPG as u can see this is the issue i'm facing. these particular servers or systems communicate to ePo regularly but don't have a dat update info and there are many sytems like this ; what do u think?.. I have deployed agents ,that was successfull, but dat update client task is failed.

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          Dat version would only appear against a product that is relevant and actually installed on the client machine, this is why you see no data for the products listed.

          Basically you have to have something at the end *to* update, if you get my meaning.





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            Laszlo G

            As rackroyd told you'll only see installed DATs on machines hat have products that use DAT files.


            Yours is a virtual server that is using MOVE AV that does not use DAT files to protect the machine but connects to a virtual scanning appliance who has virusscan installed.