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    epo 4.5 SA 3.5 Web Reporter 5.2


      i would like to ask some questions about about these 3 lines...

      Actually i am ok with Epo..but pretty new with Site advisor and Web reporter.

      The only the think i need actually, i have 250 users in the office and need to follow their internet activity.

      Was installed and configured web reporter as guieded but the problem is ad administration when i wantto update my defined directory Reporter says Expected 0 Users, found 0. Expected 0 groups, covered 0

      other strange thing is i am able to see users roles when i try to test it inside the directory Reporter able to comminicate with ADS

      Also i was assinged from Log sources Accept incoming log files

      log format Siteadvisor Enterprise format.

      Selected directory which has been dedicated on directory section..

      Then i gave to site advisors event tracking domains and downloads allways..capture user name and http://webreporter:9111/reporter   user and password.

      the from client tasks daily 2 times Report collection schedule....

      But nada...not able to see URLs or usernames at main epo report...

      Could some one pls tellme about what is wrong or missing?