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    ePo 4.5 DAT in Repository


      Dear Community,


      We are currently experiencing a strange problem with our ePo's repository. For some reason, ePo is reporting the DAT version a bit backwards. Please see below


      My RepositoryLatest Available



      As you can see my repository has a later version than the latest displayed by ePo which doesn't make sense. Is this normal and if not, how do I correct this issue?


      Many thanks.


      Tom K

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          It sounds like ePO is unable to contact the Avert servers to get the information about the latest version on the McAfee download site - from the numbers, it stopped working six days ago. Have any firewall changes been made? The ePO server will need to be able to talk to the outside world on port 8801 for the Avert threat feed to work.

          Please see KB59857  for details on how to test this.


          HTH -



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            Hi Joe,


            Thank you for a reply. I have followed the article and I can access myavert.avertlabs.com:8801 without any issues on the server the ePo is installed on. So it is able to access the feed as far as I can tell.


            I can see the ReportService page with

            • GetReportNames   
            • GetReportLanguages   
            • GetReportSchema   
            • GetReport  


            Many Thanks



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              Laszlo G

              Hi earthcadet, are you using proxy for web browsing? ePO will use by default the local system account to launch the update task unless you specify an account to be used for proxy

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                In addition to this, have a look at the epoapsrv.log and orion.log on the ePO server - any errors surrounding the avert alert task should be listed here.


                HTH -



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                  Hi Laszio and Joe,


                  It was proxy issue in the end I suspect. We are migrating to our new proxy server which uses a client, which wasn't installed, although our old proxy server is still working, for some reason it didn't like those details anymore.


                  I thank you very much for your assistance once again.


                  Kind regards,


                  Tom K.