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    ZeroAccess - Is it gone?

      I'm running McAfee Internet Security 2012 on my Windows laptop. (Win 7 Home Premium). Last night, I got a message to say it had quarantined ZeroAccess and no further action was required (more fool me for believing that!). Today (after the laptop had been shut down and started up this morning), my Firewall wouldn't stay turned on. McAfee kept warning me it was off, I would turn it on, and then within a few minutes it would warn me it was off again. I ran a Full Scan but that found nothing wrong.


      I've done a System Restore from Safe Mode to 10/10/12. Computer has reboted fine afterwards and, so far, the firewall seems to be staying on. However, when I went into Quarantined items, ZeroAccess was still listed (as detected 13/10/12 - after the restore point). I removed it, which McAfee seemed to do with no problem.


      Is there anything else I need to do now?


      Also, I had no idea how I got it but around the time I did get a prompt to update Adobe Flash Player (and what looked like a legitimate Flash Player update window). From what I've seen on the forums, others have caught ZeroAccess this way. I assume it was a fake Adobe update?


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