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    Gold support on weekends


      Oh...my... god.    McAfee really needs to un-confuse all the support stakeholders on the diffs between MEG6, MEG7,  EWS, ironmail, and how MQM fits in .  It's a car crash of a customer experience on a weekday (until you get to the right person), but on a weekend, hoooo boy.


      I've been on hold for over 2 hours already today on an issue that's at least sev2 and despite one poor Minneapolis based soul who's been kind enough to actually stay on with me and ensure a warm transfer that doesn't get punted to another group ad infinitum, it's been nothing short of ridiculous.    Even better, this weekend the support portal is apparently undergoing maintenance, so no one could see the updates I've sent in by email, and I have nowhere to upload this MER I just took (not that I yet have anyone to take a look at it anyway).


      It's not as though gold support is anywhere near free.


      Care to share you own off hours gold support story?     Does platinum improve it on this product?

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          Happy news:   McAfee has a process engineering group, and this calamity that I've experienced twice now ... is being worked.



          If you're a MEG user, the short answer is yes,   gold enhanced and platinum improve your support experience for MEG particularly off hours.