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    Why is MVT still reporting missing COM components?

      Had a major problem with mcshield.exe and mfecore using nearly 100% CPU.

      MTV reported 3 missing/corrupt COM components in Security Centre.


      After installing & running MTV the high CPU usage problem appears to have been fixed.


      However, MTV indicates there are problems which were not solved and still reports the missing/corrupt COM components.


      Somewhat surprisingly McAfee Technical Support tell me to ignore this and everything is okay.

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          This can happen from time to time. MVT works from a list of what should be there for a particular system, installation and version of McAfee. When programs are updated the update notifications don't always make it into MVT. At least, so I gathered by skimming through these two threads about earlier MVT COM issues -




          In those threads posters were asked to provide the MVT session id, so if you haven't got the output from the last scan (the logs should show the session id) could you run MVT again and make a note of it? It would also be helpful to know which components are reported as faulty.


          I've just run MVT as a check and I don't see any COM issues reported. I do have a message about "No Anti Spam toolbar issue" not being fixable, which is strange because I have the toolbar in OE (at least I do in the current user account).


          If no-one else reports a COM issue with MVT it could be something wrong with your McAfee installation. Again, knowing which COM components MVT is referring to would be helpful.