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    Data Source Error -50708??? - Solved


      Hello all,


      Well it Fridayafternoon and wouldn’t you know it but the gremlins have been out in force and playing with Foundstone. I have run into a problem when trying to move data offof our old Foundstone 6.8 device to a temp system (also running 6.8) that willthen be upgraded to 7.0 and used to export the data back to our live system.


      I am able tocreate the needed data source and have tested it’s connection successfully, butwhen I try and run the export/mitigation I am getting the following 50708 error:-


      FSDataSync |0x06E8 | SyncSourceID: 3; Error: -50708; Message: Copy scan [265301-Q1-2012- Project-23-05-2012-0130]failed, The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint"FK_VulnSetVulns_Vulns". The conflict occurred in database"Faultline", table "dbo.Vulns", column 'FaultlineID'.

      The statementhas been terminated.


      As far as I cantell both systems are running the same patch levels and I have been able to seethat some data has been copied over but only a very small amount.  Any help to resolve this would be welcome asI am not pulling my hair out!




      Ok so I was able to solve this issue by applying the very latest FSL scripts to the new client,  after looking at the error more closely it was clear that the error was due to the old appliance having more knowledge of the vulnerabilities than the new temp system.  Anyhow, after applying the current FSL update to the temp 6.8 system I was able to export the datavia the inbuilt data sources.



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