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    Problems with Preboot on Tecra M10-196 laptop


      I've been testing a Tecra M10 as a candidate for disk encryption with

      Everything goes well and the preboot validates login if you log off XP and back on again but when you reboot after preboot activates you just get a cursor and the custom preboot background screen

      I figured this was possibly something to do with trackpad/fingerprint tool and Ive been through the BIOS enabling and disabling and flashing things.


      I can easily unencrypt from the via the eetech PE boot USB drive and I can boot to the standalone disk that should allow me to emergency boot from, but I can't token authenticate from the standalone boot disk and I can't load the file to authenicate as it only recognises the boot disk itself virtual drive. If I click on enable USB it hangs the boot disk environment.



      Anyone else had issues with a Tecra M10 and have any ideas and any suggestions on beating the boot disk issues.