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    SSO Defeats Screensaver Lockout


      We have a security policy here, that when a user leaves their computer, theyare required to lock it out by pressing the Windows key/L. The screensaver engages and is AD password secured. To support this requirement, our group policy will engage the screensaver automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.

      When we use SSO, the logon process pauses at the legal advisory screen and waits till the user presses Enter, and then SSO continues and logs the user in.This is fine, however, if the user, for some reason walks away after entering credentials at the PBE, the system will pause indefinitely at the legal advisory screen. The Screensaver is defeated and the system will wait till someone, anyone presses Enter.

      Is there a way to engage a screensaver automatically at the Legal advisory screen?

      I tried using the "Lock Workstation When Inactive" option but that seems to act the same way. Would this be a product enhancement? I heard that at least one competitor has solved this issue.