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    Communication beetwen ePO and WebGateway failed




      I have somes troubles when I try to register WebGateway Appliance into my ePO Server.


      Webgateway version : (13935)

      ePO serveur : 4.6.3 (build 197)

      ePO extensions : Email and WebGateway 1.4.174


      When I register my webgateway appliance, I have the popup screen for the Certificate Details. Click YES, and an error message appair :


      "Communication test couldn't connect connect to the server. Please check your configuration."


      I use the default port 9090 for the communication, and there is no network problem.

      With a network capture on the epo server, i can see paquets beetwen ePO and WebGateway with good responses.


      I used the "epo" login and a password define into the WebGateway ePolicy Orchestrator Settings.

      I created an user ePO in the appliance with the role "ePO comon catalog Administrator"

      I created a ruleset "Bypass ePO Requests" at the top level of my policy's.


      I dont understand what is wrong.


      Any ideas ?