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    I Need Help..white box issue & other problems

      After much deliberation about which security package to buy, I chose McAfee as my new Acer laptop came already installed with 30 days free. Since installing Total Protection, I have had two main problems that I cannot fix myself. The first problem seems to be quite common...a white box appears when clicking on the McAfee icon. The second problem which is driving me to distraction is happening whilst I am typing. I keep on seeing my desktop at the top of the screen go bright every few seconds and I have to keep on clicking to get the cursor back to where I am typing. This is driving me absolutely mad. I am totally clueless when it comes to technology and the terminology so can someone please give me some advice in laymans terms??? Also, if I uninstall do I have to pay again to re-install?

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          Peter M

          It sounds like laptop drivers need updating at least.


          It also sounds like your operating system needs updating.  Can you tell us what it is, operating system and service pack please?


          Also can you open Internet Explorer, go to Help/About and post the version?  (Regardless of whether or not you use IE, McAfee does).

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            It is a new laptop (took delivery 4 weeks ago) so surely the drivers (whatever that means??) can't need updating already?


            What is an operating system and service pack? I am completely clueless and not much help I know, sorry. I have Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7 home premium if that's any help.


            When I open Internet Explorer I get the msn page. I can't see the Help/About tab, can you tell me where it is please?


            Thanks for your patience.

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              Peter M

              Right-click Computer on your desktop or in your Start/All programs menu and select Properties.  It will spell out there is it is Windows 7 SP1 or not.    Also in IE9 Help/About what is your version number?  (I need to determine this is not a beta version of IE9)


              Whilst in IE( got to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click Reset, Apply and OK any prompts you see.


              Close and reopen IE and then go to Tools/Manage Add-ons and re-enable any you need.


              That may take care of the blank box issue.

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                Thank you...it says service pack 1.  I am having trouble locating the Help/About tab.  I am going into internet explorer and the msn page pops up. There is nowhere where it says Help/About so I don't know whether it is beta version or not.

                I have done the other reset thing but the white box issue still persists. Do I have to reset my personal settings as well. Also what is meant by add-ons?

                As I am typing, the background keeps on going bright and it's stopping me from typing so I have to click the cursor back on the place where i am typing and it's really annoying.

                Thanks for your help.

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                  Peter M

                  That sounds like either your graphics drivers need replacing or soim ething is worng physically with the laptop and a PC repair shop is the best bet there.


                  Not being able find Help/About in IE indicates the Menu Bar isn't showing at the top of the window.


                  Right-click on the very top bar of the oage and make sure Menu bar is checked.    That should then show as follows:


                  Click to enlarge:



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                    Ah thanks, got it now. I don't think there's actually anything wrong with the laptop as it's only 4 weeks old and has been working perfectly until I installed the new McAfee security package. I think I will try uninstalling it and reinstalling. Thankyou for your help anyway.

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                      Peter M

                      What is processor, name, type, capacity etc?   Some smaller laptops/netbooks have problems with the software and am wondering if that's the case here.

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                        It's Intel Core 1.3. I don't know what you mean by capaity unless its 64bit?

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                          Peter M

                          I meant speed...1.3ghz is the first "Intel core i3" I came across if that's what you mean by 1.3.


                          I think maybe Total Protection is a bit too much for it, however I can't really be sure.


                          Best that you contact Technical Support directly, see Useful Links at the top of this page.


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