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    After upgrade to ePO 4.6.4 problems with agent logs




      After upgrate to the ePO 4.6.4 we have problems with some agent logs. Before upgrade was log redirected to http://computername:8081. Now is log redirected to DNS name http://computername.xxx.xxx.xxx:8081/. On some clients are different DNS in ePO then in real cca 3000 computers. Is there any possibility to change this by default. In large number of client is impossible to change it manualy (It is very time-consuming). Most of the computers with this trouble are running Windows XP.


      In changelog was no mention about this redirection change.


      Does anybody has the same problem???


      ePO 4.6.4

      VSE 8.8 P2

      HIPS 8 P1