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    Error code: 0xe002001b---


      Dear All,



      I am getting the following error while booting the laptop,


      Endpoint Encryption Error

      Error code: 0xe002001b

      No boot disk was found.


      and the version of Safeboot is 5.2.11 and the issue is in the following Model Laptop.


      Serial No. LRH04R0

      Model No. THINKPAD L420

      Brand:      LENOVO




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          lots of bios issues reported with these machines unforutunately - so see if there's a bios upgrade, and you may need to move up to 5.2.12 to see if that resolves.


          I noted issues with releases prior to 5.2.11 with this model in kc.mcafee.com, but could not find reports of any outstanding issues. You can switch the BIOS to ATA mode, that should resolve?

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