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    EETech questions.


      Hi @ll,


      For EETech(BartPE) recovery CD works I need to enable IDE-mode.

      How can I create a EETech(BartPE) recovery to suppport SATA-AHCI mode ?


      Another question. Is it possible to create a EETech(WinPE) with A43 Mgt utility or some like ?




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          1. You simply need to add the right drivers for your hardware to your WinPE disk. The reason ATA mode works and SATA does not, is because WinPE has drivers built in for ATA mode, but does not have vendor specific drivers for SATA mode.


          2. Yes, sure - just follow the instructions and add A43 to the disk as you go. You can add anything you like - NU2Menu is one of my personal favorites.