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    Why does full scan start no matter what?

      Full scan starts randomly no matter what I have the schedule set for, or if I completely turn the schedule off?  There seems to be no rhyme or reason why/when it starts to run.


      I have a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7.


      I had it scheduled for late Fridays.  Later, I turned the schedule off, yet it started up even with the scedule turned off.  I re-set the schedule for a different day and time -- Sundays, and now it comes on Monday night, yet I have been using my PC during the day.


      I have reviewed threads of others with similar issues, but no one seems to have an answer for why it randomly runs no matter what the settings are set for.


      Has anyone figured this out yet?

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          Can you post your version of both security centre and virusscan?


          I gather you are saying you turned scheduled scan off but it still starts correct?


          Have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling following


          reboot and run

          http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/Mcpreinstall.e xe

          reinstall from where your download is.


          I suggest the reinstall as disabling scan should stop the scan starting so I feel it maybe corrupted. scheduled scan in versions 11.6 or better can be set to start on time not wait for the PC to be idle. the option is in navigation and general settings and alerts and general settings.

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            My virus scan version is: 15.0 last updated on 10.8.2012


            My Security Center version is 11.0 last updated on 6.27.2012


            The version of McAfee I have comes with my at&t sbcglobal account as my ineternet provider.  I don't know if that affects a re-install, as I don't have a disk of the software.



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              You reinstall it from their site I think. Their version I assume is 11.0.678 the current is 11.6.? in the US and UK though Mcafee partners lag a bit behind. Maybe a reinstall of their current version could fix this. 11.0 has scheduled scan delayed if the PC is not idle. 11.6 fixes that or has an option to disable that.


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                I have a similar problem to skladder.

                Why is it that despite having a planned scan set for a given time each week, McAfee nearlyalways seems to have a mind of its own and decides to start at some arbitrary time later - usually when I want to get back on the PC? At the planned time I always ensure that the PC (Vista SP 2) isswitched on, there are no applications open, the battery charger is connected and the energy saver is deactivated.


                SEcurity Center 11.6 Build 11.6.434

                Virus Scan 15.6 Build 15.6.231


                It's not such a serious defect that I'd want to experiment with uninstalling and reinstalling, it's just that  paying as much as one does for McAfee, I'd expect it to be free of sush irritating faults.