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    McAfee SiteAdvisor Warning

      I've been in business 13 years and did sell my primary domain earlier this year (coremediagroup.com) and registered another primary domain, coremediworld.com that we've used ever since. Every so often I get prospects and customers saying that a WARNING pops up before they can go to our website, and now in some of my customer's email dialogue this pops up on their end:


      McAfee SiteAdvisor Warning


      This e-mail message contains potentially unsafe links to these sites: coremediaworld.com





      Not sure why this happens and not sure how to cure it. Any help or direction you can give is appreciated.





      Rick Hutcherson

      Core Media

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          Try going to http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/coremediaworld.com . You can get reports on the website and leave comments. I`m pretty sure you`ve got all you need to sort this out on that link.



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            Thank you! I'll go there and see what my next steps are.

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              SiteAdvisor is showing coremediaworld.com as High Risk because TrustedSource has classed the site as Malicious. According to Sucuri the site is otherwise clean except for that one blacklisting. Norton and Google Safe Browsing give it the all-clear. IPVoid says the IP address for the site is Clean.


              There are some very hostile reviews for that domain name on SiteAdvisor and on WOT dating from 2010 and 2011 although the current registration of the domain, according to WhoIs, was in February 2012. So this domain name had an earlier existence and seems to have been highly suspect before it disappeared. The new incarnation of coremediaworld.com will have to deal with records of earlier misdemeanours in a number of places. TrustedSource takes input from many sources and some of them will doubtless still have warnings about the site name.


              As a first step you will need to contact SiteAdvisor and/or Trustedsource to ask for a re-rating. Tell them the domain has been re-registered and is probably tainted by the actions or negligence of its previous owner. To contact them both see this document.

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                Well, thanks so much for all of that information. We really appreciate it, a LOT. We'll get to work.


                Rick Hutcherson

                Core Media