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    Re: Error, never seen at this stage.

      I am having this same issue.  Here is what my file shows.  scm.ini












      SbChkDsk=C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption for PC\SbChkDsk.dll




      All I did was setup a new test group on the EEM on the server, setup all my stuff and created a new installation set.  What gives?

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          what gives is your DatabaseID is set to 2, but there's only one database listed. That's not going to work.


          I expect you installed over something else - otherwise unless something tampered with the file I can't think how you'd get in this state - maybe someone added an scm.ini to the file sets (it should not exist in any file group by default).

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            I setup a new group in the machines area.  I setup my options and then I created a new installation set.


            Is there anything I can do at this point to fix it, or am I going to have to spend a week decrypting two drives?


            Edit:  Actually there are two Database ID's listed in what I posted.  How many should be there?  Do I delete one and try to resynch?


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              please post the full client log for the machine so we can see what it got up to.


              If there were two db's we'd see DatabaseID2=2. We don't - how did that line get deleted?


              also - did you choose Offline Install mode by any chance?


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                where is the full client log located please?


                AS for install, I believe I chose online, but perhaps not.  If I didn't choose online, am I screwed?  BAsically at this point, I don't have a problem with starting over again with wiping the drive and reinstalling my image.  But, what should I do in terms of trying this again?


                Here's what I am trying to accomplish:


                1.  I built a separate machine group from my main group for testing.

                2.  I want to encrypt both C and E drives.

                3.  I want it to communicate with the EEM.


                So I await your response, which I am sure will set me straight.

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                  it's either in the program directory, or the programdata mirror - sbclientlog.txt if I remember correctly, but it could be .xml now.


                  If you chose offline, you'll have a .sdb file in the client folder - I doubt it given the fragment of the log though.


                  I would just recreate your install set from the group and run it again - make sure you pick online mode etc.


                  the most likely thing that happened is that you deleted the group you created the install set for - even if you recreated it with the same name, it's not the same group.

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                    so the machien that is already encrypted, you are saying I don't need to erase the HD and start over.  Just create a new installation set and run it on the already encrypted computer.

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                      no idea - I am still not sure you are getting the same issue as the original poster. Without the log file I can't really tell what's going on.

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                        o.k.  I guess what I am asking is this.  The new group I created in EEM, I should be able to set all my options, and as long as I create an online installation set, I theoretically should be good right?

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                          as long as all the options are set correctly then yes, absolutely.


                          Without the client log though I can't guess what went wrong last time.


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