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    Mcafee reportedly blocking Auctiva images?



      Does anyone have any information regarding this and any possible solutions?


      We sell on Ebay and our image host Auctiva have told us that their research indicats that some versions of Mcafee are blocking images on the Ebay site.  Mcaffee customers have told me that all they can dee in place of my images are white squares! 


      Just looking for some information or help.



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          Posters elsewhere say the problem is also on the auctiva site but I can't see any problem there. On ebay I don't know where to look for these missing pictures. Can you give me a url or some way to (not) see what you're (not) seeing?


          There's not a problem with the auctiva site as far as McAfee or TrustedSource is concerned, so I don't know yet why anything would be blocked.

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            It may only be an issue for McAfee customers who have Total Protection, and the answer seems to lie with NetGuard. The easy solution is to disable NetGuard but I still have no idea why the images are or were being blocked.


            http://community.auctiva.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/838609941/m/6587087426  (from JeanieB, October 6th) :


            I contacted McAfee on Thursday and after they had me disable Netguard in the McAfee firewall, all my photos are now showing up in both Auctiva and on my eBay listings

            If you are having this problem and have McAfee Total Protection, try disabling Netguard in the Firewall. McAfee told me not to worry, it is an add-on to their regular protection and won't make us any more vulnerable if it is disabled.

            Steps to do this:

            (1)Open McAfee by clicking on the icon in far right bottom corner of your screen.

            (2)Click on "Firewall"; then click on "Settings" to the right

            (3)Click on the down arrow for "Netguard"

            (4)Uncheck box "Turn on Netguard" to disable it.



            Note though that the two most recent posters in that thread do not have McAfee and they can't see the pictures either.

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              Agreed please give us a link I am running 3 versions of Mcafee so can check each.

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                Thanks for the input


                Re:  the last 2 posters on the Auctiva thread not having Mcafee and not seeing images.  One is referring to uploading images and the second is referrring to images in the scrolling gallery on Ebay which Auctiva say is a seperate issue for which they have a fix.


                I don't have Mcafee so not sure what the problems looks like,  My sister has the latest version and says that on Ebay she can't see any of my images and when she did a random sample of other seller's listings it was more or less the same story where they used Auctiva.  She said that over the days the problem got worse.  First it was that the images were there one minute, then 5 minutes later the same images were not visible if she re-visited the same page.  More recently she says that it is more permanent and all visits to the same pages throw up just blank white boxes where all of the images shoule be.

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                  Tested with 12.1 and I get main pic up but all other pics show a black vertical line. Clicking on enlarge shows the picture in auctiva properly. If I disable netguard yes it now works as supposed. Though as mentioned I now have netguard on and it works fine. Seems as you said to be intermittent. Could be a auctiva issue as you said and hayton said others without mcafee have some issues as well. see what Hayton sees on his version.

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                    I have McAfee's Internet Security not Total Protection. NetGuard is Enabled globally but disabled for a few applications. It is Enabled in all 3 browsers.


                    In Chrome and IE I see all images on that webpage, and all display correctly.

                    In FireFox NoScript prevents elements of the page from displaying but the display permissions can be modified.


                    The first of the set of images has the url (obfuscated here) -



                    TrustedSource and Sucuri both say there are no current problems with Auctiva.com


                    It may be worth mentioning that with the Internet Security AV program I very rarely get any connections blocked by NetGuard.


                    To make any further progress we need a screenshot of any blocking message that appears from NetGuard. There's nothing on any of the indicators to show what the problem is or why it occurs.

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                      I've not had anyone say that they have had any blocking messages (unless that's something that you need to specifically look for?)


                      Mcafee helpline say


                      They are aware of the problem


                      It will definately be fixed at the next update


                      There is no date for the next update


                      Any ideas how often updates are released? Even a rough idea would help.


                      Thank you