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    Mcafee for Toshiba on my Asus

      Hello, I've searched for an answer and didn't find it =(

      Here is the point : I've recently acquired an Asus with the one-month version of mcafee on it. On the other hand I have a Toshiba. I've bought Mcafee offer "Internet Security, 2 years, 2computers". So I downloaded my new protection on both my computers. The problem is, now, on my Asus, is written "Mcafee for Toshiba" =( Is there any difference? How can I change that? Thank you so much for help.

      By the way, I'm not english so please forgive me if I don't write very well in english.

      Thank you


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          If the software was provided by Toshiba with the machine then they have the right to put there name on it and it can't be changed unless at some stage you decide to buy it directly from McAfee and remove the old version then there would be no 3rd party stamp on it..

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            I forgot you asked about differences.  Well not sure there.  If it's anything like the version of McAfee provided by my ISP then it would comprise only VirusScan, Personal Firewall and SiteAdvisor (regular version not 'Live') but each 3rd party provider is different.


            You should compare the exisiting installation by opening SecurityCenter then click About and scrolling down that list with the various packages on sale at McAfee.com .


            (Change Country at top right for your language).


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