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    Installing HIPS P2 - Must I uninstall P1?


      ePO 4.6.4

      HIPS P1 Version


      I've got over 1200 machines running this version of HIPS. When I attempt to apply the P2 patch via ePO, the installation fails 100% of the time. I'm using  Run Client Task > Product Deployment to push out the updates. I tried recreating a new task with the same results. I read in the Product Guide that I need to disable HIPS first so I created a policy for that and pushed it out but I still fail. There are no apparent failure codes or reasons given - just FAILURE. I figured out that I must uninstall HIPS first. On a "clean" machine with no HIPS installed I have no problems or when I uninstall HIPS first - then I can deploy with no problems.


      I just spent 8 months on a careful rollout of P1. I am not about to do that again by uninstalling and reinstalling to every station. What a complete waste of my effort. Is there anything at all in P2 that would make this ridiculous joke of an update worth the trouble?